25 julio, 2024

Mensajes Divinos Desde La Nueva Jerusalén

Message of january 4th, 2007

Don Agapito: (Male helper, chosen by the Saints)

But, why will it be rounded?

Blessed Oscar: Because it will pass for Turicato, Siguario and above taking “Chiquito El Grande” until it reaches Ario de Rosales. That´s how the bounderies will open. The prophecy Our Bld Virgin gave will come true. After all this, those who will come by car will not be able to pass, nor leave. Airplanes will like to enter New Jerusalem, but they can not cross, they will fall in the ditch. The rich that will like to come, will offer money, but they won´t be able to pass. In the end, they won´t be able to spend their money. There will be nothing to buy. When this happens, the people of God and the Blessed Virgin will live only thru the Holy Communion. Another big thing I will say, He who has sin even if they are in this village will not be saved, because many will try be like stones so not to leave. Let me say, may say, there will be no punishment, that the world will not end and that there is no sin and they can do everything.

Don Agapito: Who said that?

Blessed Oscar: All the rebels, the unbelievers of the world (world refers to all places outside of New Jerusalem), but they are mistataken. They say so they can influence people to do their command and desires. But let us see in the last day, those who lead people to hell. Well, until here is my permission to talk. Let me stop. Send these words to Our Bishops to hear.

Don Agapito: Very well, shortly I will send.

Bld Oscar: Encourage the fishermen and fisherwomen, pilgrims in all the churches of the Blessed Virgin to hear this message.

Don Agapito; Shortly, I will send.

Los Caballeros del Apocalipsis ya están castigando a la humanidad y son: San Roberto Abad, San Martin de Tours, Santiago El Mayor, San Pablo Apostól, El Angel de la Defensa de Honor de Dios, San Jorge Bendito, San Carlos Magno.