29 febrero, 2024

Mensajes Divinos Desde La Nueva Jerusalén

New Jerusalem, Turicato, Michoacán, México.

Message: January 4th, 2007.

Oscar Garibaldi (Was en purgatory for more than 500 years, released by New Jerusalem´s prayers, now helps our Lady).

Let us talk on some important things. Let me say that the dream of Bishop Nabor Cárdenas, when he was half asleep and remembered, He heared the voice of an old woman singing a song of praise, mentioning what our Bishop is.

Let me say for all the sufferings and crosses of Our Holy Bishop, he carry in His old age, the more he will have sanctity and revelations, more and more inspirations and revelations. Also, that revelation, when he was half-asleep that he heared a voice saying: “promptly, all will end”, is true. Promptly, but not today, nor tomorrow, nor this year, but the time will come where all will be lost and ended.

When the companies, all the sources of work in the whole world will end. The highways, the subways and many big things will end. Many people in all countries won´t find jobs, none, and it will be a great calamity. All the traffic of buses will end. All is ending.

The poor people will die of hunger and needs. Many for their suffering will not be condemned. They will pass for purgatory for a short time. Those who will suffer are the rich, the millionaires, the multi-millionaires, who had been storing money all their life in the banks. Let me say a great thing. When the banks close, where the rich have their money, they will close rapidly, in one day to the next. They won´t be able to take their money out. Only the money in their pockets will be left.

Even if they have in their hands, in chests or wherever the store, when the time comes, the money will burn here in the land. It is the punishment for the rich man´s soul. No one knows the day or the hour…