22 febrero, 2024


Message of St. Salome to sister Catherine of Sienna

December the sixth, 2009. Translated from the Mexican Spanish language by Santa Maria de Jesus Tanuara.

I am watching and seeing how everybody works. Our blessed Mother is contented to see her children work… men, women, girls, boys, the little girls and boys work for God. It is very beautiful. Our blessed Mother invites all the world to put a grain of sand, because all who collaborate in our blessed Mother´s work has a special place in her heart.

When they die, even with grave sins, she will show ahead those valuable merits to God and those merits and works gain salvation. It is beautiful to have the hands full in the presence of God, and sad to arrive in God´s presence with empty hands- no merits to present. More so, when there was an opportunity and did not do… is worse. That´s why, do not be ashamed to ask those who govern the world, for benefit them to collaborate in God´s work. Believers and unbelievers, all are obligated. The scholars, the powerful, the rich, the poor… all are obligated, to put their grain in sand. Our blessed Mother said: Blessed are those who deposit their treasures in heaven, doing charity and good works in the town. Nothing is in vain. I am filled with happiness to see my children with pure heart and eyes closed comply my commandments. Those merits are written in heaven in gold letters. Blessed are those who persevere in my side complying my desires and doing the will of my Celestial Father.

These are my blessed Mother´s words. To see her work advance finds her contented and satisfied, because her children demonstrate their love for her.

Even if the devil is furious, like a furious lion searching who to swallow in vices, fashions, rebellion, pride, lust and all the capital and mortal sins; even with all those, our Blessed Mother keeps winning because her children love her and do not abandon her. And those outside the flock are because they do not want to follow her road. They have no interest for their soul. They are blind and deaf the God´s will. Worthy of compassion. Pray for those to be free of this confusion…

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